Software development

We avail latest technology at SyCo, to enable clients to emerge as problem solvers by lending our professional expertise in software development. SyCo understands the importance of business specific software that needs customization. Choosing out of the box software could potentially be a waste of valuable resources and often forces users to make accommodations.


SyCo Digital empowers startups by offering a complete set of technical solutions. Our technical expertise offers a hallmark due to various certifications and with the implementation of lean approach to software development. Contact us to outsource software development so that you can achieve your business goals without an in-house software development team. Utilize your in-house team to do more trivial tasks, and expand your company’s tech stack by outsourcing certain processes.


We understand the software customization requirement of various businesses. Our professional team can assist you at all stages of software development lifecycle. When a software doesn’t meet the dynamic and complex needs of a business, custom solutions are inevitable. That’s where SyCo digital comes in.


Get the best of automation framework to test software functionality and bug reports. SyCo Digital houses quality assurance professionals who actively test code to ensure highest level of quality. As part of our standard procedure, every software customization has dedicated QA teams that are assigned projects according to their relevant expertise.

Our Process

Being out-of-the-box, yet practical is one of the core beliefs that guides our work methodology and development approach.


We closely assess the needs of companies. With thorough research, we make suggestions and work on an agile development plan.

Agile Development

SyCo Digital uses agile app development that lets you guide the scope & velocity of the project.

Deploy & Test

At the deployment phase, we train your personnel and offer support throughout implementation.

Monitoring & Support

We have an on-going monitoring system to gauge the performance of software post-deployment stage.

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