In a world where visual graphics have become the language, emojis communicate our feelings and memes display our random thoughts and rants, we have moved to everything visual. Infographics cut through the chase and make the stale long-form information digestible. When we take charge and put infographics to work, you appear commanding and cutting-edge. Most of our clients need detailed visual graphics for their blogs, newsletters, and or social media postings.

Worth a thousand words info-graphics

Infographics or as we like to call it visual storytelling platform, is an art of communication that is easily consumed by a broader audience who may not originally be familiar with the topic. At SyCo Digital, we can take your story beyond words. With our out-of-the-box approach, we connect concepts with the help of well-curated content that addresses a wider audience while delivering actionable returns.

The return on info-graphics

As you may consider the return on investment on marketing campaigns, there is an expected return from effective visual graphics. We capitalize on virility aspects of content to market them to the masses with infographics. As a result, you can get better sharability, more engagement and in some cases direct leads.
Static and animated IGs
Interactive info-graphic
Engaging visual graphics
Hefty data visualization
Presentation layout and design

Custom info-graphics and visuals

While the power-packed visuals communicate the brand message, infographics can earn high-quality backlinks and referral traffic. At SyCo Digital, we can analyse your business data to design interactive infographics. Besides creating static and animated infographics, our designers can produce superior quality video infographics. Irrespective of the industry you are serving in, we can custom create infographic design of all fields and sizes.

Top verticals of info-graphics

We aren’t just a team of designers instead we pride ourselves in calling our team the visual communicators. Besides our content curators realize the importance of a unique brand story and distinctive content. So far, we have served in various industry verticals, take a look.
E commerce and retail
Business and technology
Pharma and healthcare
Finance and economics
Design and lifestyle

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