We have 10 plus experience in high performing emails and it’s a rock solid platform without any last minute surprises. Our clients believe we are the pioneers of email deliverability. Our team of email marketers create customizable email templates to enable you to send what your contacts wish to see. Through segmentation and email message customization, we can reach out to the audience with the right message.

Email marketing personalization and automation

Email marketing personalization and automation

With email marketing automation, you can keep your audience engaged and build a strong customer relationship. Our aim is to take you beyond simple newsletters and get better results through strategically devised email marketing campaigns. We enable our clients to personalize emails according to the customer profile we build.

Types of email marketing

According to the growth in business, the type of emails rolled out to the clients can vary. Some of the most common types of emails are newsletters or blog emails to find out the active readers. After certain readers are retained, they are either sent surveys or forms. The regular email recipients along with those inquiring about your products and services are considered leads.



Lead nurturing emails


Promotional emails


Survey emails


Invitation emails

E commerce email marketing

E commerce email marketing

Email marketing is an opportunity to connect with your potential prospects and grow your online store. It all starts with new customers, keeping them engaged through promotional offers and then keep them coming back for more with segmented emails. We have the expertise to deal with bulk emails for ecommerce email marketing and turn leads into contacts and then to loyal customers.

Business and tools

We have the right mix of tools and resources to track and analyse email marketing results in real-time. A marketer needs the crucial information about CTR, open rates and other metrics so that we can plan the next move. In the next stages, we segment contact list based on the type of content they click so that we can have a more targeted list.





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