Digital Marketing

We can walk your customer through your brand and build an experience for them. No matter which platform you are at, we ascertain that the customer understands your message. Our marketing and advertising solutions are tailored according to your needs. Our strategy is to achieve more than just introducing your product to the world or educating the customers.


Most of the digital marketing strategy is shaped by understanding customer groups. It takes time to create personas of customers who show interest in your product or business. With the analysis of customer groups interacting with your business, we then create meaningful marketing strategies and campaigns.


Every brand is a story in the making. Our team aims for the visual and creative aspect of your story and depict it in professional animations and graphics thereby creating a vibrant message. A well-executed brand story sets the foundation for an emotional connection with the customer.


In order to create a digital footprint, we will strategize and implement your visual brand story through various digital platforms, launch campaigns to achieve business goals but we will further create innovative solutions in case a technology is not accessible.

Our Process

In the journey to attract, connect, engage and delight your customers, we can turn them from total strangers to your brand promoters. Here’s what our process looks like.

Planning & Strategy

We hold joint workshops with the client to elaborate requirements and then formulate a strategy.

Design & Build

This is where we design to create real world solutions in visuals. Amaze with creative designs.

Launch Campaigns

Once all design elements are ready, the next phase is launching the marketing campaign.

Asses & Improve

SyCo can test, measure and learn and improve at every stage until launch.

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