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In an age when customer attention span has reduced to mere seconds, we can expect them to lose interest faster than before. Customers who are predominantly digital natives expect fast reactions from all touchpoints. That’s where we come in. SyCo Digital identifies the need to foster an effective Customer relationship management solution for business so that we can put the customer at the center of everything.

Customer-centric CRM Solution

Customer-centric CRM Solution

With our custom CRM solutions and software integrations, we accelerate the client’s sales process, enhance customer service and boost productivity. Our systems are additionally equipped to track possible leads and close more deals. In our experience, we deliver customized applications for unique business needs. At SyCo Digital, our team aims to leverage the most our CRM implementation with a customer-centric business solution.

CRM Implementation and Integration

The holy grail of every business is the winning strategy for customer satisfaction. The end result is better revenue, growth and
profitability. So whats your biggest hurdle to a winning strategy? Businesses struggling to attract, retain and delight targeted
customers often complain about lack of speed. Here’s what our CRM implementation brings to the table.
Customer-Relationship Management

Automation leads to
better productivity

Creates security and regulatory compliance

Creates security and
regulatory compliance

Improves mobility and accessibility

Improves mobility and

Speeds up customer service

Speeds up customer

Facilitates forecasting and reporting

Facilitates forecasting
and reporting

Customer-Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship management software are more than technology. It is an enabler towards building better customer relationships while guiding the customer throughout the stages of conversion. Our CRM software aligns employees from marketing, sales and customer support with the customer and coordinate to make informed decisions. It improves quality of communication as well as displays opportunities upsell or cross sell.

Technology and Business

An effective CRM software implementation gathers info from various departments to present a complete picture of each customer dealing in real time. Hence, a CRM system provides opportunities of expansion. The technology we use for CRM software development and implementation is:
Customer-Relationship Management

MVC codeigniter framework


Bootstrap framework


Php framework


W3C Standard HTML 5

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