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The decision to create a cross-platform app will depend upon several factors including the devices your customers are using. Hence, a thorough market research is inevitable pre-requisite before a cross-platform mobile app is developed. It happens to be a crucial phase because it set the pace for our mobile application developers.

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Syco Digital Cross Platform App Development Expertise

After the design and development of your cross-platform mobile application, SyCo Digital conducts few more tests to make sure your app launch goes smooth. This is the phase in which the system is tested for the presence of any bugs to ensure a better user-experience. This is how we optimize mobile apps for all devices. Our Cross-platform apps makes you to engage more users irrespective of their location, wages or device type. With our custom tools, we let you pay attention to what matters the most: delighting your customers.

Core Cross-platform mobile application development services

At SyCo Digital, we develop cross platform mobile apps in hybrid frameworks like Sencha, or a NativeScript mobile application, or want cross platform app development that covers iOS, Android or Windows platform – we have the expertise for it all!
Agile cross platform development methodology

Agile cross platform development methodology

Open-source platforms and frameworks

Open-source platforms and frameworks

HTML5-based workable solutions

HTML5-based worlable solutions


Customized design, development and deployment

Application maintenance and support

Application maintenance and support

App testing, marketing and monetization

App testing and marketing and monetization

SyCo Digital Custom ERP services

SyCo Digital Custom ERP services

With changing trends around the world, many websites get dated fast and some are not well equipped to offer the functionality needed to convert visitors into full-time customers at the highest possible rate. Why would you let your website get stale? It’s time for the true experts at SyCo Digital to refresh it or build it from scratch if necessary. We can create intuitive UI/UX designs to deliver an effective and engaging application.

Technology and business

As one of the emerging cross-platform mobile app development companies producing refined and innovative multi-platform solutions, SyCo Digital is all set to transform your idea into a reality. Check out the technologies we work with.
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