Different web trends lead the internet with their unique user experience and styles. Website owners adopt exactly what appeals to users the most. There are plenty of designs which lead the internet and grab the visitor’s attention for a longer period. Businesses either boost or criticized by the web trend they follow. Every web design depicts a different story and creates a distinctive impact on its users. Some might focus on the content whereas others are inclined towards images.

Adoption of a trend tells a lot about your culture, business, and services. You need to realize the impact of the design as per your audience. It is important for you to understand the meaning of a design before implying it.

Interactive websites, bold web designs, vibrant illustrations, and asymmetrical layouts compel the web visitors to explore more information on the website.  Not only the design, but the speed optimization of a website also holds equal importance in generating leads. Note the below statistics for web design trends:

  1. Based on page load time, 7.5 % leave a site if it takes 1-3 Seconds on Mobile.
  2. Landing on the home page, 86% are looking for the products and services
  3. Keep your logo on top left corner, 36% of website visitor’s click on the logo to reach the homepage
  4. For E-commerce websites, 78% look for pricing, 62% for shipping details and 52% for product reviews
  5. Mobile e-commerce sites fail to convert 20% of customers due to security reasons.

Have you looked for the most trendy web designs of 2019? In this Infographic we will discuss the 7 top web and navigation trends that are ready to storm the internet in 2019. For your understanding, we have defined the 3 core points to help you in choosing the right web design trend for your business.